Save, save, save!

That’s how it started. I started to do business successfully in 2010 in brokerage and energy services. I helped thousands of clients save on energy costs.

Soon I got an offer that is not rejectable

And my goal was clear from the beginning. To satisfy the huge demand for industry-leading LOCTITE industrial adhesives, reliably and at the best price on the market for both VIP and new clients.

Everyone should try this glue!

I only offer products I trust and would buy myself.  When I tried to stick my son’s small plastic toy on a plastic plate I had with me using these adhesives, I had to start laughing. The toy couldn’t be detached even though there were two of us pulling it. I told myself, “this is something everybody wants!”

Safe bet

Numerous big players in the engineering, energy, and healthcare industries have verified the uncompromising performance of LOCTITE adhesives, and the brand’s adhesives are a sure bet.

4 reasons to work with me and 1 extra

I carefully choose clients to work with

just so I can offer you the best prices

I have everything in stock

In addition, I will send glue and cleaners or I will deliver them in the shortest possible time

Small or big a problem? I deal with it right away!

I follow the password “difficult within one day, impossible within a week”. I only offer verified products

I only offer proven products

of the highest quality available in the market for industrial adhesives.

I deal with specific requirements

if you need a special glue, a larger package or anything else.

Do you want to use the power of Loctite adhesives at unbeatable prices?


+420 778 184 184  (Daniel Szabó)